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Mini Paws Adventures

Dog walks - Walkden
A walk in the park

Mini Paws Adventures

Is your dog fed up of pounding the pavements and would like to explore new areas?

Does your dog prefer small groups and dogs that are the same size as them?

Then this is ideal for your dog!!

Just because your dog is small, this doesn't mean they can't have more exciting adventures on their walks.

Dogs like to have interesting walks with lots of new smells for them to explore and sniff.

Just because your dog may be classed as an a 'apartment dog' doesn't mean they don't deserve to go on more exciting walks than 'just round the block!'

Due to this being a group activity, dogs who are not comfortable with other dogs will unfortunately not be able to take part. 

What this service includes

  • I will pick your dog up from your home and take them to a different area each time.

  • The walks will last one hour, time starts from when we arrive at the destination.

  • Dogs will be kept on lead until they have been assessed and a relationship has been built between myself and your dog.

  • When travelling in the van, dogs will be in their own cage with vet bedding to ensure their safety and comfort.

  • Walks will be carried out at a leisurely pace and not rushed so the dogs have a relaxed and enjoyable walk.

  • Walks will be carried out on a Monday afternoon 

  • Due to where the walks take place, dogs will be cleaned down as best as possible but please appreciate that they may get dirty!