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Dog Walking

Bolton Dog walker. Dog walking. Small dogs. Small group. Bolton dog walker
Bolton dog walker. Group walks. Solo walks
Bolton dog walker. Small dogs. Small group

Why having a dog walker is important

Dogs are social animals. Some more than others struggle to be left on their own during the day.

Dogs can become bored if left for long periods of time which can lead to destructive behaviour or excessive barking. Dogs need stimulation and exercise to tire out their body and mind.

These visits will break up your dogs day and ensure they are tired out until you come home.

About my dog walking service

Before I start to walk your dog I will have a trial walk first with yourself and your dog. I can then see how your dog is on walks and you can let me know of any things they do and don't like whilst out.

When I first start to walk your dog these walks will be solo walks. This will enable me and your dog to get to know each other and start to build a relationship. I will be able to see how they interact with other dogs that we meet on the walk to ensure they will be suitable to be walked with other dogs if you so wish.

These will be solo walks or small groups with a maximum of three dogs.


This is to ensure dogs have a good quality walk and my time and effort is concentrated on them as individuals.

As I only do solo or small groups I have the benefit of being able to tailor walks to individual dogs. If they want to play with a ball they can do that or I can take them somewhere were they can have a 'sniffy' walk if thats what they like.


Solo walks

Half an hour £12

One hour £15

Small group (max of 3 dogs)

Half an hour  £9

One hour £12

(£5 charge for each dog from the same household)

What my clients had to say ....

"Sara has been looking after our doggy Nala since we got her. From puppy visits to doggy walks. I can’t recommend Sara enough, she is fabulous and Nala loves seeing her. Sara sometimes comes even when I’m

off work and I see how excited Nala gets when Sara arrives. We always get reports on their walk and often a video or photo so we can see what adventures they’ve been on.

Claire M.

Bolton dog walker. Dog waking. Solo walks

"Nothing too much trouble so much more than a dog walker, Lady our dog loves her couldn’t leave her in better hands."

Lynn G.

Bolton dog walker. Solo walker