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Puppy Visits

Dog walker in Bolton. Puppy visits in Bolton. Solo walks for puppies in Little Lever
Bolton dog walker. Puppy visits
Dog walker in Bolton. Puppy visits in Little Lever, Bolton

Why puppy visits are important

Puppies at first cannot hold their bladder and will need to have comfort breaks during the day especially if they are kept in a crate whilst you are out.

If owners are at work all day then it is unfair to expect your pup to hold themselves. This may affect their toilet training as they may take longer to be completely trained or it may set them back.

Dogs are social animals, if they have only just left their mum and litter mates it is already a unsettling time for them. To be then left for long periods of time during the day with no company could cause them to suffer from separation anxiety which some breeds are prone to.

With puppy visits they will have company to break up their day and tire them out until you come home.

About the puppy service

Puppy visits are available for half and hour or one hour.

During that time they will:

  • Have a comfort break

  • Have a play outside in the garden

  • Have lots of cuddles and attention

  • Once they are old enough they can go for a short walk

  • When they are a year old and can go for longer walks, if appropriate they may be walked with another dog.

  • Practice basic training skills.

  • If I arrive and they've had a toilet accident then I will clean up.

  • I will also do enrichment activities such as snuffle mats and searching for treats in the ball box. Encouraging dogs to use their noses in sniffy games tires them out so they'll be ready to rest when I leave and until you come home.

  • I can tailor my visits to suit your puppies interest and energy levels.


Visits will take place in a morning and/or the afternoon.

Half an hour £10

One hour      £15

What my clients had to say........

Bolton dog walker. Puppy visits

"This lady (dog Walker and pet sitter) truly is a god send. She has looked after our little girl since she was 11 weeks old. She would come to check on her and spend time with her when she was tiny and walked her as soon as she was old enough - through to 18 months later. Never let us down and goes above and beyond to make our girl happy. It puts our mind completely at rest when we are at work that Sara will look after her 100%. Nala is a difficult dog as her prey drive is very high due to being from a working dog background. Not once has this phased Sara. Her knowledge on dog breeds and management of them is exceptional.

If anyone is looking for a dog walker, I would recommend her in an instant. An appointment to talk through things doesn’t cost anything and I guarantee you’ll be impressed."